2010 Seminars

Spring 2010

Jan 25th“Does the Business Cycle Matter for Convergence Testing?”PDFChenxi Yu
Feb 1stSmith and Keynes on the laissez-faire policies”PDFRaul Santos
Feb 7th“The geography of economic development in the US: Perspectives from practitioners”PDFJose de Leon
Feb 15th“Inter-Regional Endogenous Growth Model: Effects of Demographic Change in the Midwest States”PDFTae-Jeong Kim
Feb 15th“The Concentration and the Dead Weight Loss in the Brazilian Steel Market”PDFJanderson Reis
Mar 1st“Role of market access and housing price indexes for spatial distribution of wages in Chile”PDFDusan Paredes
Mar 8th“The space and the regional cycles synchronization in the Chilean economy”PDFPatricio Aroca
Mar 15th“A general overview about regional development in Turkey by considering EU relations”PDFCihan Cagil
Mar 29th“Energy-Environment Planning through an Input-Output Model integrated with Geoprocessing: Brazil-US comparison”PDFAndre Avelino
Apr 5th“The European Regional Conditional Convergence Process with Spatial Econometric Perspectives”PDFMinshu Du
Apr 12th“Economic effects of illegal drugs legalization: A CGE model for Colombia”PDFLaura Atuesta
Apr 19th“Reliable Facility Location under the Threat of Probabilistic Disruptions: from Supply Chains to Sensor Systems”PDFYanfeng Ouyang
Apr 26th“A Comparative Case Study of Midwest Floods in 1993 and 2008”PDFJun Wan
May 3rd“The impact of agribusiness development policy on income disparity and household consumption in China- A CGE micro-simulation approach”PDFBinjiang Yan

Summer 2010

Jun 1st“Multiregional Dynamic General Equilibrium: Theoretical Background and Numerical Application”PDFJohannes Bröcker
Jun 1stCan NEG explain the spatial distribution of wages across Chile?”PDFJohannes Bröcker
Jun 2nd“Multiregional Dynamic General Equilibrium: Theoretical Background and Numerical Application”PDFJohannes Bröcker
Jun 2nd“Empirial versus exogenous spatial weighting matrices: An entropy-based intermediate solution”PDFEsteban Fernandez
Jun 14th“Surpassing the administrative division of the territory in the study of the Spanish labor market”PDFAna Viñuela
Jul 29th“Exit trajectories from the labor market. The
role of disability pensions”
PDFBegoña Cueto

Fall 2010

Aug 30th“Agribusiness Development and Income Distribution in China: A CGE Integrated Multi-Household Approach”PDFBinjian Yan
Sep 13thModeling the Effects of Population Ageing on Private Consumption – An AIDS Model for Austria”PDFBirgit Aigner
Sep 20th“Framework of Financial CGE Model for Analyzing Economic Impacts of Transportation Investments”PDFEuijune Kim
Sep 27thThree Essays on Public Economics: “Redistribution as a Local Public Good: Empirical Evidence for Brazilian Municipalities”,”Demand for Public Services and Reelection: Evidence of the Median Voter Model for Brazilian Municipalities”.PDFRafael Terra
Oct 4th“Fluctuation, growth speed and longtime welfare: Evidence from China’s tourism industry”PDFLei Ping
Oct 11th“Nonparametric distribution dynamics analysis of income convergence in China: when data is spatially dependent”PDFMingQue Ye
Oct 18th“Spatial distribution of branches, internet impact,
Regional competition and the performance of investment banks: Evidence from China, 2006-2008″
PDFJianHuan Huang
Oct 24th“Geography and Efficiency in Manufacturing in Brazilian Regions”PDFCarlos R. Azzoni
Nov 2nd“Orchestrating economic development: Exploring inter-organizational networks in the Chicago Metro Area”PDFJosé De León
Nov 15th“Estimating Housing Demand in Illinois Using Spatial-Temporal Features”PDFChun-Hua Wu
Nov 18th“Ranking of openness to the global value chains: measurement issues and policy Interpretations”PDFNorihico Yamano
Nov 29th“Small Business Dynamics and
Economic Growth in the State of Illinois”
PDFRafael Vera
Dec 6th“Sea Transportation and Regional Development”PDFAndi Irawan