Top 100 Occupations Ranked by Total Growth: 1997 to 2002

Chicago Six-county Region     
Industry: Fabricated Metal Products (D34)     
RankOES CodeOccupationGrowth Rates
122127Computer engineers21.54%
225102Systems analysts20.91%
325199All other computer scientists14.29%
485902Heat, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers11.11%
521511Personnel, training, and labor relations specialists9.15%
622132Safety engineers, except mining7.69%
739999All other professional, paraprofessional, and technical workers7.50%
822199All other engineers7.19%
922105Metallurgists and metallurgical, ceramic, and materials engineers6.82%
1091508Combination machine tool operators and tenders, metal and plastic6.70%
1191505Combination machine tool setters and set-up operators, metal and plastic6.57%
1232000Health practitioners, technicians, and related6.25%
1334038Designers, except interior designers6.25%
1493197All other precision assemblers, metal5.83%
1522135Mechanical engineers5.49%
1622505Electrical and electronic technicians and technologists5.26%
1713017Engineering, mathematical, and natural science managers4.64%
1891502Numerical control machine tool operators and tenders, metal and plastic3.98%
1922126Electrical and electronics engineers3.94%
2055314Personnel clerks, except payroll and timekeeping3.94%
2195099All other plant and system operators3.57%
2213011Marketing, advertising, and public relations managers3.15%
2325111Programmers, numerical, tool, and process control2.90%
2458017Weighters, measurers, checkers, and samplers, recordkeeping2.80%
2597105Truck drivers, light2.56%
2621114Accountants and auditors2.56%
2722128Industrial engineers, except safety engineers2.55%
2858028Traffic, shipping, and receiving clerks2.50%
2941002Marketing and sales worker supervisors2.50%
3021117Budget analysts2.50%
3153123Adjustment clerks2.48%
3297944Crane and tower operators2.47%
3358008Production, planning, and expediting clerks2.46%
3493999All other hand workers2.41%
3521902Cost estimators2.26%
3687402Painters and paperhangers, construction and maintenance2.22%
3793914Welders and cutters2.22%
3889132Sheet metal workers2.20%
3997102Truck drivers, heavy2.15%
4098102Mechanic and repairer helpers1.79%
4113008Purchasing managers1.67%
4298999All other helpers, laborers, and material movers, hand1.55%
4321308Purchasing agents, except wholesale, retail, and farm products1.23%
4685302Automotive mechanics0.00%
4779014Gardeners and groundskeepers, except farm0.00%
4893917Solderers and brazers0.00%
4991708Solderer and brazer machine setters and set-up operators0.00%
5192529All other printing, related setters and set-up operators0.00%
5292549All other printing, binding, and related workers0.00%
5391938Heaters, metal and plastic0.00%
5481005First line supervisors, construction and related0.00%
5585311Bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists0.00%
5695002Water and liquid waste treatment plant and system operators0.00%
5724199All other physical scientists0.00%
5893108Fitters, structural metal, precision0.00%
5922121Civil engineers, including traffic engineers0.00%
6113005Personnel, training, and labor relations managers-0.53%
6215014Industrial production managers-0.70%
6355347General office clerks-0.72%
6419999All other managers and administrators-0.93%
6591935Furnace operators and tenders-1.24%
6692198All other metal and plastic machine operators-1.34%
6755305Receptionists and information clerks-1.35%
6993953Grinders and polishers, hand-1.39%
7085132Maintenance repairers, general utility-1.47%
7151002Clerical supervisors and managers-1.52%
7213002Financial managers-1.52%
7381017First line supervisors, helpers and laborers-1.56%
7525108Computer programmer aides-1.69%
7692197All other metal and plastic machine setters-1.73%
7725105Computer programmers-1.75%
7881099First line supervisors, all other-1.77%
7981008First line supervisors, production and related-1.84%
8081002First line supervisors, mechanical and related-1.94%
8191714Metal fabricators, structural metal products-2.04%
8298700Freight, stock, and material movers, hand-2.07%
8398502Machine feeders and offbearers-2.13%
8485128Machinery maintenance workers-2.14%
8581011First line supervisors, transportation and related-2.21%
8685110Industrial machinery mechanics-2.41%
8789114Pattern and model makers, metal-2.90%
8889117Layout workers, metal, precision-2.99%
8992951Painting machine setters and set-up operators-3.05%
9092953Painting machine operators and tenders-3.06%
9191711Solderer and brazer machine operators and tenders-3.13%
9297989All other material moving equipment operators-3.17%
9321999All other management support workers-3.18%
9485999All other mechanics, installers, and repairers-3.24%
9591317Forging mach setters and set-up operators, metal and plastic-3.30%
9621199All other financial specialists-3.33%
9749002Sales engineers-3.33%
9822599All other engineering technicians and technologists-3.33%
9993198All other precision assemblers, except metals-3.38%
10092998All other machine operators and tenders-3.39%
Source: Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (REAL)