REAL’s parent institution:

REAL’s Research Assistants originate from these academic departments:

Other related Research Organizations

Research Groups

Associated Institutions

REGIOlab: University of Oviedo

EU-REAL: European Union – Regional Economics Applications Laboratory

NEREUS: University of São Paulo

Regional Research Institute: West Virginia University

Regional Science Associations

RSAI: The Regional Science Association International

NARSC: North American Regional Science Council

ERSA: European Regional Science Association

ABER: Brazilian Regional Science Association


Input-Output Databases

Multi-Regional Level

World Input-Output Database (WIOD): Multi-regional tables and socio-environmental accounts

EORA: Multi-regional tables and socio-environmental accounts

EXIOBASE: Multi-regional Environmentally Extended Supply and Use / Input Output database

OECD: Inter-Country Input-Output Tables

GTAP: Multi-regional tables with environmental extensions

National Level

United States: BEA (Official)

Brazil: IBGE (Official)NEREUS

State Level

Washington State (US): Office of Financial Management (WA)

Brazil: NEREUS

Spatial Data

Open Access Data


Washington State (US): Open Data Bridge

Brazil: NEREUS