Products & Services

The Regional Economics Applications Laboratory can be commissioned to complete a wide range of projects or studies. Our primary focus is on the development and use of analytical models for use in regional economics.

Regional Models: These models allow for forecasting and impact analysis of economic events for specific geographic areas. REAL maintains models for several regions including all the Midwestern states.

Impact Analysis: Studies that estimate the impacts that various economic activities or events can have on a region’s economy.

Occupational Toolbox: A software tool designed for educational and other institutions that gives occupational supply and demand along with other supporting information for a specific geographic region.

Chicago Business Activity Index: The CBAI index estimate the change in Chicago’s economic activity, in a timely and comprehensive manner.  Similar to national coincidence index, the CBAI is a monthly statistics, measuring local business cycle status by leading 2-to-3 months ahead, of the six-county Chicago region. The CBAI index is designed and published monthly by REAL and replaces the CRAIN’s which is withdrawn.

Special Projects and Studies: See a sampling of some of the special projects and studies that we have completed over the past few years.

Collaborations with Other Research Institute: See collaboration projects (international and domestic) of REAL with other research institute